Ardour in need of support from the community

8 02 2009

This will be a quick post on a subject that I think needs great attention from the music and the FOSS communities.

Ardour ( is a fantastic free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. It aims to meet and supercede commercial DAW features, like Cubase, Logic and others. It already is a great tool (the latest one that I have used was 2.0 — current stable release is 2.7.1 while 3.0 is already in the works) and many people of the FOSS community benefit from it.

It just came to me today as sad news that the company that was supporting the project, SAE, is now discontinuing this much needed support, leaving Paul, Ardour’s lead developer, in need for a job and thus less attentious to the project.

Many people are already moving fingers to help the project, but it certainly needs much more help. One way to help is to spread the word (like I am doing, as I currently don’t have the means to support financially the project), another is to make donations or to subscribe to their donation plan. More info can be found in their home page.

Please do not let the best FOSS DAW die.




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